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Comprehensive Dental Services for the Whole Family

General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Care!

Dental Services

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340 Fairfield Ave, Bellvue, KY 41073

Dental Services Provided

Services - Kevin Wall DMD

Services for the Entire Family

  • ToothComprehensive Oral Evaluations and Cancer Screenings
  • ToothFull Mouth X-Rays
  • ToothProphylaxis and Preventative Care
  • ToothScaling and Root Planing
  • ToothPeriodontal Maintenance
  • ToothSealants, Fluoride Treatments
  • ToothResin (tooth colored) & Almalgam (silver)
  • ToothCrowns (caps)
  • ToothBridges
  • ToothExtractions
  • ToothPartials
  • ToothDentures

Cosmetic Procedures

  • ToothVeneers
  • ToothProfessional Whitening Services

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Customer Testimonials

What a wonderful dental experience!! The entire staff was super friendly, I was in and out in no time and my teeth feel great. Keep up the great work!!

Rebecca Bravard

Dr. Kevin Wall and the entire staff at Bellevue family dentistry are amazing! Not only are they efficient, organized and knowledgeable in the art of dentistry but every time I visit for any appointment I am welcomed as a friend. They are hands-down the best dentist office I have ever seen! I am literally excited to go to the dentist when it’s at Bellevue family dentistry!
Lacey Parks

This was one of the smoothest most painless visit I’ve ever had with a dentist. The young lady that numbed me and took care of my deep cleaning was very professional, knowledgeable in her job, and concerned about my comfort and well being the entire visit. I would highly recommend Bellevue Family Dentistry to everyone.
Mike Lee

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Keep Your smile looking great

Preventative Procedures

Bellevue Family Dentistry provides comprehensive services that are provided to help prevent problems in the future such as decay, fracture lines, sensitivity, or abscesses. These preventative services include new patient exams, periodic exams, prophylaxis cleanings, fluoride treatments, and digital X-rays.

Fix Damaged Teeth

Restorative Procedures

Restorations are necessary when a tooth becomes compromised either from bacteria, decay, or force. Restorative procedures include the use of amalgam fillings, resin composite fillings, or crowns. The highest quality of materials are used to restore your tooth back to optimum condition, and prevent decay from spreading further into the tooth.

Brighten Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

Bellevue Family Dentistry understands that your smile is an expression of you, and we want you to be as confident as possible in your appearance. We offer a variety of services to help enhance your teeth including composite, veneers, and professional whitening procedures.

Replace Missing Teeth

Prosthodontics Procedures

Prosthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on the replacement of missing teeth. There are several ways to replace teeth including bridges, partials, dentures, and implants.

Help Your Sleep Apnea

Intraoral Appliances

Intraoral appliances are custom and specific to your mouth. They are appliances that are fabricated to help relieve stress due to clenching, grinding, or high impact sports, and snoring. The intraoral appliances that Bellevue Dental on the Avenue can provide include mouth guards, bruxism appliances, and sleep apnea devices.

You Can Relax

Comfort Dentistry

We understand that some procedures can cause patients anxiety, and because we want you to feel as comfortable as possible from the minute you walk into Bellevue Family Dentistry. we offer nitrous oxide to ease your nerves.

Services - Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Care Services

We recommend children start seeing the dentist around the age of 3, and for best preventative care to continue with routine cleanings every 6 months.


Such and easy experience from start to finish. They were fantastic with my daughter! A great place for the whole family to go.
Jessie Beauchamp

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